Is your website backed up?

A customers of ours rang in the other day to say that their PC had failed. Luckily for them, it was only a dodgy stick of memory. If their hard drive had failed, they would have lost everything as they did not have a backup strategy in place.

You work hard in your business and losing your data could be catastrophic. If you haven’t got an automated backup device looking after your business PCs, look into it right now. Don’t put it off, invest in backup.

Also, do you back up your website files and databases? Our clients almost never ask for this service, yet if their web hosting server crashes, they could be in serious trouble. Their website will either be down for as long as it takes for the host to restore backups, possibly losing recent data, or be lost forever.

Web backups are quick and easy, but need to be scheduled. If you are not backing up your website, contact us now to see how little it could cost you for peace of mind.

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