CLA East Midlands backs badger cull

Rural watchdog the Country Land and Business Association (CLA) backs the Government’s plan to allow a badger cull in England as part of a package of measures to fight bovine TB.

CLA East Midlands director Andrew Shirley said: “We are very relieved the Government is ready to give the go-ahead to cull to help control bovine TB.  This is the only way we can work towards the eradication of this horrendous disease.”

“Badger culling, TB testing, cattle movement control and removal and slaughter of infected animals are all essential tools in the battle against the scourge of bovine TB.  We also need to work to ensure the difficulties with vaccinating both badgers and cattle are overcome.  However, we acknowledge this is some years away.  All these measures are needed to get rid of bovine TB.”

Mr Shirley said Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman is going to enormous lengths to ensure the badger cull will be carried out humanly and effectively.

Mr Shirley also added: “We also welcome the Government’s commitment to invest £20 million over the next five years to develop effective cattle and oral badger vaccines as quickly as possible.”


Information sourced from: Nottinghamshire Today Magazine

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