Once your new ecommerce site is designed and built, it’s time to start marketing it! The nicest site in the world won’t sell anything if people are not visiting it, so a combination of clear strategy plus online and offline marketing techniques are required to increase sales with your ecommerce website.

eCommerce Marketing Strategy

Before your start marketing your new site, you need to know who it’s aimed at and how to reach those people. Setting a clear ecommerce marketing strategy, assigning time to regularly marketing the business and measuring its success are all essential to effectively promoting what you are doing.

It doesn’t have to take long or be a big written document, but some thought beforehand will save you lots of time and effort in the longer term!

Offline eCommerce Marketing


You can let your customers know about your new site with a well designed flier or postcard mailed out to them.

Letterheads, signage and vehicle livery

Adding your new website address to your stationery, signs and vehicle graphics will help get the word out about your new products.

Online eCommerce Marketing


If you have a list of customers, let them know about your new site using an email newsletter system like Campaign Monitor or Mailchimp. We can help import your mailing list, design your template to match your site and handle the broadcast for you.

Organic Search Engine Optimisation

To get good rankings, you need to optimise your website content to use the right keywords and also get lots of good quality links to the new website. Our search engine specialists can help with keyword research, optimisation and ethical link building.

Search engines are increasingly looking for regular updates of relevant, user focused content, so we can set you up with a blog and advise on what to blog about to add good content to your site.

Pay Per Click Advertising

As well as organic search, you can advertise on Google and other search engines, appearing above or next to the main search results. You then pay a fee when someone clicks on your advert and visits your website. The cost per click depends on your industry and many other factors.

We offer £75 Google Adwords vouchers to our clients, and can research keywords and manage your trial campaign for you. This is a great way of testing the water without a large investment. Our Adwords specialists can also manage your ongoing Google Adwords campaign to get the most from your advertising budget.

Social Media – Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest etc

Depending on your market and products, social media can be a great way of reaching people interested in what you offer. There are a number of tools that can make integrating social media easier, and we can help with setting up profiles and training you to make the most of your time spent on social media marketing.

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