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While building an eCommerce website, you’ll need to enter all your product information in the form of text and images. The more products you have, the longer this product entry will take!

We can help out here by doing a “batch import” using a spreadsheet. All the eCommerce systems we use have this capability, and it will save you hours or days of tedious copying and pasting. Instead of typing each product in manually, we can upload hundreds or thousands of products at once complete with prices, stock codes and images.

Image processing

This idea also applies to image resizing – we can run a batch process on hundreds of images to resize, crop and watermark all your product images. Good images sell your products, and our service will save you massive amounts of time and effort doing this manually for each image.

Ongoing Updates

As well as the initial product import, you can use the same system to update prices, images and descriptions once the products have been added to your ecommerce site. Again, this saves you hours of manual product entry.

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