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Great product images are essential to your ecommerce website. They are what will make people buy your products, so it’s worth investing in professionally shot images. We work with local photographers to offer product photography in the Nottingham area.

Studio Based Product Photography

This is the quickest and most cost effective way of getting your product shots done. A professional studio makes it easier to set up brighter, more consistent lighting that gets the most from your products. When done together in larger numbers, the cost also comes down.

Onsite Product Photography

If your products are too large to take to the studio, or you need shots of your office, workshop or staff, our photographers can visit your premises to get professional looking photos for your website. Even the most everyday products can benefit from artistically shot photos.

Image Processing

As well as good photos, your images need to be processed and cropped to look good on your site and load quickly. Uploading the product photos straight off the camera will take forever as the files are huge. We have software that can batch process photos, resizing, cropping and saving hundreds of images at once – a massive time saver! We can also watermark your images to stop people stealing them to use on their own website without your permission.

Photo Retouching

The camera never lies, but software can bend the truth. Even with professional photography, there are times when images need a bit of love after the photo shoot. Maybe there is a building site in the background or the weather isn’t that good. Maybe there is a pylon in the background or a competitor’s van parked next to your shop.

Retouching to the rescue – weather can be changed, people can be added or removed and all sorts of things can be moved around or smoothed out. If you have images that just don’t look that impressive, get in touch and see what our photo retouching wizards can do for you!

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