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Google's Peter McAvoy on Responsive Websites

Speaking at the recent FSB conference in Leicester, Google’s Peter McAvoy discussed what opportunities small businesses could be missing and how they can address them.

A recent survey stated that up to 60% of businesses still don’t have a website, so they are obviously missing out on a huge opportunity to promote their products and services and increase sales.

With mobile technologies like smartphones and tablets with smaller screens than desktop computers now widespread, there is also an opportunity to reach customers using those devices by making the website mobile friendly. This is termed ‘Responsive Web Design’ and means that the website design changes to suit the smaller screen and slower connection speed.

Rather than having a separate mobile compatible website and doubling the amount of work required to keep both the desktop and mobile sites up to date, Responsive Web Design uses the same content and changes shape to suit different screens.

Mr McAvoy advised that “mobile is a phenomenal tool for the mobile shopper” and that this “represents an incredible challenge to retailers”.  The good news is that we can produce a mobile friendly information or ecommerce website for you, allowing you to access this huge market of mobile device using customers.

Mobile devices are here to stay, and are not only used when out of the house or office. Many people choose to use their tablet or smartphone to browse and shop while at home or work rather than their desktop computers, so a mobile friendly site is becoming a must-have rather than a luxury.

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Full talk from Peter McAvoy:

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