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Green web hosting, and greenish web hosting

As with many ecologically friendly areas, there can be a bit of confusion. People are keen to say their product is “green this”, and “eco that”. However, on closer inspection it’s not always what it seems.

As we see it, there are two types of green web hosting – carbon offsetting and low carbon.

Carbon Offsetting

This is where the servers are powered by normal power, but then the companies plant some trees or buy carbon offsetting to make their product seem greener. While it’s better than not bothering, it’s also not really solving the problem.

Low-Carbon/Renewable energy

Rather than polluting and then buying our way out of it, it makes more sense to us to use sustainable energy in the first place. Our green web hosting server is powered by wind turbines. This feels much better to us, as it’s not creating pollution or using up scarce resources in the first place!

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