Have you claimed your Google+ Local page?

We are all looking for new ways to market our businesses on the internet. Here is a quick and free way of being more visible.

Google have a huge database of local business information as part of Google Maps. This info shows up next to the normal search results. Each business has a page, which used to be called “Google Places”. It’s now being merged with the Google+ social network, in the form of Google+ Local pages.

You can ‘claim’ the existing listing and then edit your details, add photos and follow other people when acting as your Google+ Local page. This puts you in front of thousands of local people searching for your services or your business name. This is a massive opportunity for free marketing!

If you use your same Google account for all their services, your Google+ Local page data will be related to your Google Adwords, Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools.

How to claim your Google+ Local page

If you haven’t claimed your Google+ Local page, get started now by signing in to Google with your existing account details,  searching for your business name on Google+ Local and then clicking “Manage this page” in the “Is this your business?” box to the bottom right of the listing.

What then?

Once you have claimed your Google+ Local page you can add a link to your profile on your website to ecnourage people to follow (AKA ‘+1’ you), and link back to pages on your website which can help your search engine rankings. Check out the FCS Websites Google+ page to see what we do with our page (and give us a +1 while you’re there!).

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