New website for Ferry Farm Park, Nottingham

We’ve been busy for the last couple of weeks putting together a new WordPress based website for Nottinghamshire based Ferry Farm Park. I can remember taking my daughter there when she was little to play with the animals, so it’s been great working on this website.

The old site was really showing its age with a home-brew content management system (CMS) and plain design. When the system stopped working due to a web browser update, it was time to modernise the site.

We gave it a new family friendly look featuring the current seasonal promotion, links to social media profiles and the key activities on the homepage. Each activity now has its own page and a blog/news section allows them to update regularly and catch the attention of search engines.

The site runs on WordPress with our fast loading theme and a custom web font that displays consistently on all devices. It also runs on our UK based green web hosting to help Ferry do their bit for the environment.

We will also be coaching Ferry Farm on blogging and social media updates to keep people up to date with all the latest events and baby animals at the farm!

If you need a WordPress site building or altering, drop us a line on 01636 812551 or email us and we’ll be glad to help.

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