Office spaces face extinction

Workers in the UK expect that by 2021 offices will face extinction as technology enables mobile working, says a new study.

Some 58 per cent of the 1,000 office workers surveyed as part of the research believe that companies will no longer require an office space to do business in ten years.

The study, commissioned by Virgin Media Business, reveals that 56 per cent of employees expect to see a marked reduction in the amount of time they spend travelling to and from work or to meetings.

Nearly two-thirds, or 63 per cent, hope that one device will be all they need to work, offering access to everything they require in not only their professional but also their private lives.

As employers search for more agile and effective ways of running their businesses firms are swapping expensive office spaces in favour of a virtual workplace, where all activities can be conducted remotely.

We have been running a virtual office for two years and can defintely recommend it as there is no getting stuck in traffic commuting and it’s better for the environment. It also saves us a fortune in office rent, which helps us be more competitive.


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