The Picture Cafe, Bingham

We are really excited to present the new website for The Picture Cafe in Bingham near Nottingham. The cafe is an amazing place, and was our second office when we were located in Radcliffe! The coffee is excellent, the home made food delicious and the service outstanding. The owner is a photographer and the cafe features his work all over the walls.

WordPress website build

The new website is based on WordPress, and we use a custom made theme to keep things loading quickly. We install a carefully tested set of plugins to help with search engine optimisation and the contact form and make things as easy to edit as possible from the control panel to encourage regular updates to the site.

WordPress has regular updates offered for the core system and plugins and we’ve helped keep the site up to date and safe from hackers.

The Picture Cafe recently launched a new branch in Grantham and WordPress made it quick and easy to alter the site to promote the new cafe.

Mobile friendly and ‘Responsive’

The new site has a responsive design that changes shape depending on the device it is viewed on. Look at the site on a desktop computer and you get the full width, but view the site on an iPad or iPhone and you will see a mobile version of the site.

With so many images on the site, we used some trickery to only load the images needed for the mobile version rather than it taking ages to download the full site. This makes for a quicker responding site over mobile data connections, when people might be looking up the phone number or location.

The new website also runs on our green web hosting.

If you are anywhere near Bingham or Grantham – pop in and try their giant scone with a coffee!

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