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Recommended OpenCart 2 Extensions

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When setting up your OpenCart ecommerce website you may find that you need features that are not part of the core system. Luckily, there are loads of great OpenCart 2 extensions. OpenCart can use file override systems called OCMOD or VQMOD which allows you to install add-ons without touching the core shop code, which makes upgrading a lot easier.

After wading through the hundreds of extensions on the official marketplace we found that quality and support varies massively. Some extensions just don’t work, others have poor/no documentation and others are abandonware. On the other hand many extensions like the ones below are produced by professional companies, well documented and offer timely support.

After trying many of them out we have found these useful OpenCart 2 extensions. We have no financial interest in recommending these extensions and there are no affiliate links. Use them at your own risk!

Blog manager (OCMOD or VQMOD)

The one major thing that OpenCart is missing is a blog/news section. This excellent plugin from EchoThemes adds a feature packed blog to your site including social media links, categories, article images, RSS feed and search engine friendly URLs. The extension is easy to install, looks good and their support is outstanding too, should you need it.


System Information (OCMOD or VQMOD)

System Information from EchoThemes is a free extension that gives you a handy list of your system specifications including PHP version, paths and file permissions. Ideal for troubleshooting or just checking everything is set up correctly.


Merkent Twitter Feed

This great value extension allows you to add a feed of your latest Tweets to the site in any location. With proper authentication and various options for the number of Tweets, profile images and a ‘follow’ button this a great way of adding a Twitter feed without using dodgy Javascript to scrape the Twitter site. Merkent also offer an Instagram feed that works in a similar way.


Total Import Pro (VQMOD)

Adding products can be one of the most time consuming jobs when setting up an ecommerce website. This excellent extension allows you to import or update your products using CSV files. With tons of settings and the ability to save the import profiles and also import from remote sources, Total Import Pro is a massive time saver. It’s not cheap but it pays for itself very quickly.


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