Nine marketing tips for small businesses

We see a lot of small businesses come and go, and have seen some common points that apply to successful businesses. While it can be hard to step back and look at your business objectively, these points will help you market your business more effectively:

  1. Your opinion doesn’t matter when it comes to fonts, colours and products. The market’s opinion matters, as they are the ones who keep your business afloat.
  2. If you are paying a designer to create something for you, listen to their advice and don’t make changes for the sake of it. Years of training and experience give designers an eye for what works and what doesn’t, so follow their lead.
  3. Use good fonts! Comic Sans and other standard fonts are tired and say nothing about your business. Use something else – there are lots of similar but better fonts available free for commercial use.
  4. Cheap business cards off the internet are cheap for a reason. That reason is poor design. They do not put across the right image for your business – if you look like you have made no effort with your business cards, that will come across to people.
  5. Consistency builds your brand – across colours, logo, fonts and tone of voice. Make sure you are consistent, and make a brand guide if you need to keep it all in one place.
  6. Sell the benefits of your product or service, not features. Leave your ego out of it. Nobody cares how long you have been in business or how many degrees you have. How do those things benefit your customers? Tell them that, in simple sentences!
  7. What is your main message? Say that loud and clear on everything you do, especially on your business card and website homepage.
  8. Get a copywriter to write or edit your content. This is likely to increase the number of sales and enquiries you get, so let go of doing it yourself and leave it to the people who know how to write persuasive copy.
  9. If you haven’t got any money, you are probably not going to do very well in business. It is possible to ‘bootstrap’ your business, but having some capital to spend makes things a lot easier. Invest in your marketing and it will pay off, skimp on it by doing it yourself or having an amateur friend do it and you could be shooting yourself in the foot.

We can help with all of these things – from planning your business through to branding, stationery, website design and ongoing offfline and online marketing. Contact us to discuss your ideas!

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