What is WordPress multisite?


If you want or need more than one WordPress website, it might make sense to use WordPress multisite.

What is WordPress multisite?

WordPress can be set up to support one or more websites from one control panel.  Multisite is supported as standard and doesn’t need any plugins installing.

What are the benefits?

  • A multisite requires fewer hosting resources as there is only one set of files and one database.
  • It also allows you to manage software updates for all the sites in one go.
  • You can also edit all the site content from one login.
  • You can set up and manage sites for other users, for example a blog network

What do I need to use WordPress multisite?

Domain name(s) – Each site can use its own domain name, or sites can be set up at addresses like mynetwork.co.uk/mysite or sub-domains like mysite.mynetwork.co.uk

Hosting – WordPress multisite needs a hosting package that supports ‘add-on domains’. cPanel hosting (like our green web hosting) supports this – cheaper hosting or hosting that uses weird proprietary control panels may not. WordPress is then installed as usual.

How is WordPress multisite set up?

This base install is then configured to be a multisite ‘network’, and extra sites added.

Case Study: Education Training Provider

An education training company got in touch asking for some changes to four Joomla based websites. After assessing the sites it became apparent they were badly coded and so out of date they were a security risk.  We moved the four sites to a WordPress multisite install and created a cleaner version of the basic design as a theme. We then created child themes for the three other sites, changing colours for each sub-brand. The four sites are now easier to keep up to date, better coded and easier to manage from one control panel. Authors also have access to one or more sites to update the blogs.

Can you set it up for me?

If you’ve got the domains and suitable hosting, then we can help with a WordPress multisite install. Contact us for a quote.

If you don’t have hosting yet, our green web hosting is ideal for WordPress Multisite and starts at only £72pa.


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