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Straight Talking

  • Straightforward, clear approach to business.
  • The truth, in plain English.
  • No sales team, because we don’t like salespeople.

Nice People

  • Great service, because we want you to work with us again (and recommend us!).
  • We treat people as we would want to be treated.
  • We pay our suppliers on time.

Great Value

  • Low overheads mean we can charge less.
  • Great work – our owner and freelancers work(ed) for top design agencies
  • Open Source & free technologies like Linux, PHP and MySQL.


  • Clear budget, scope and timescale.
  • Will only take on projects we know we can deliver.
  • Web based project tracking software


  • Eco-friendly no print collateral and a paperless office
  • Recycling of everything that we can.
  • Using Green web hosting.
  • Supporting local trade and developing local talent.
  • Supporting ethical suppliers – cooperative businesses if possible
  • Declining any work that has a purposefully negative impact
    on environmental or social factors.

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