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Parity Projects‘ data analytics service has been used to assess the potential for improved energy efficiency in over 6 million homes across the UK. We were excited to help Parity with a redesign of their existing website.

Hosting etc

We created a development address for the new site so the live site wasn’t taken offline during build and test of the new site. Their IT folks helped us switch things over when the new site was ready.

Web Design

With a strong brand already in place, we designed the new site to focus on their CROHM web app and consulting services. A text ticker on the homepage allows more information to be presented without cluttering things or using a bulky carousel. Clear statistics of Parity’s impact demonstrate their capabilities and visible calls to action encourage prospective clients to book a demo of their software. The site is of course responsive and works on all screen sizes from mobile up to full desktop.

WordPress Build

These designs were then turned into a fast loading WordPress theme. By not using commercial themes or frameworks we can keep things lean and only use the code that’s required. This also keeps the control panel easier to use as there aren’t hundreds of unused options in the way.

We also imported their existing news archive to the new site to retain this large amount of keyword relevant content. Regular updates to WordPress and installed plugins keep the site current and safer from hackers and other security issues.


If you’d like a fast loading redesign of an existing site, we can match your branding as well as retaining any good points or existing content.  Focusing on benefits and calls to action of your products and services can increase your enquiries – call us on 01636 812551 or contact us today for a quote.

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