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AI content generators: Yay or Nay?


It’s a fact that ‘content is king’ when it comes to attracting traffic to your website and ultimately gaining more clients or customers. Writing articles can be hard work and time consuming however, and AI content generators can help make this process easier. Should you use them on your website?

What is an AI Content Generator?

We’ve all read those nonsense articles that are barely strung together English and obviously written by computers. AI content creation tools have come a long way however, and services like ScaleNut, Jasper and Fraze can create articles that read like they were hand written by humans.

An AI content creation tool is a software program or website that helps users create artificial intelligence (AI) content. This type of tool can be used to help generate blog posts, social media posts, email newsletters, and other forms of online content. Some tools also allow users to research specific topics and write about them in a professional manner.

Wikipedia: Artificial intelligence content generation tool

An AI content generator is a software program that helps you create quality, original content for your website. This type of tool can help you produce blog posts, articles, or even social media posts on a variety of topics. Additionally, these tools can help you discover new ideas and sources of information to write about. Therefore, using an AI-powered content creation tool can be a valuable way to improve your website’s overall quality and search engine traffic.


Uses for AI Content Generators

Generating outlines for articles

This seems like the sweet spot for me – analysing competitors for a particular keyword and suggesting an article structure which is then written by hand.

Generating blog articles

Staring at a blank page can be intimidating and writing a good article can take hours. An AI content generation tool might help you generate a detailed article on a particular topic much more quickly. This type of tool can also be helpful if you’re looking for tips on writing content in a specific genre or style. In addition, using an AI tool can often speed up the process of writing content by providing suggestions or recommendations.

Brainstorming ideas

One of the benefits of using an AI content creation tool is that it can help you brainstorm a variety of ideas for content. This can be helpful if you’re looking for new topics to blog about or if you need inspiration for upcoming social media posts. Additionally, these tools often provide a library of ready-to-use topics or sources of information. This allows you to quickly and easily generate content on a wide range of subjects without having to research them first.

Analysing competitor websites

Some of these AI content generator tools accept a keyword and then analyse the top ranking sites for that keyword. Knowing the length of article, keyword density, number of images and reading level can be really helpful in understanding what you need to do to compete with these articles to gain search engine traffic.


Key Benefits of Using AI Content Generators

The many benefits of using AI content creation tools include:

  • Helping you brainstorm a variety of ideas for content.
  • Generating outlines for articles, based on competitors articles.
  • Generating long form articles and social media posts quickly and easily.
  • Providing a library of ready-to-use topics or sources of information.

When is AI-generated content potentially harmful?

There are a few potential harms to using AI-generated content. For example, if you use an AI tool to generate content that is inflammatory or inaccurate, this could lead to social media backlash or damaging consequences for your business. Additionally, using artificial intelligence to create deceptive content could be illegal in some cases as well as being massively unethical.

Some might say that the internet is already full of half baked, keyword heavy nonsense already, and using AI content generators just adds to that problem. There are also questions around where the tools get their inspiration – are they plagiarising existing articles to generate new content?

Is it ethical to use an AI Content Writer?

There are no absolute answers to this question, as the ethics of AI content creation will vary depending on your specific business and circumstances. However, using an AI tool to help generate content can often be a helpful way to increase efficiency and accuracy while researching and writing articles for your website.

In a broader sense, do we need more low quality ‘listicles’ and click bait articles, or do we need genuine content written by people passionate about their interests? If we can’t tell the two apart, it raises questions about whether it really matters. If your competitors are all using AI content generators on their website, there might not be any benefit in not using them for ideological reasons and falling behind. The commercial reality of trying to increase search engine traffic means we have to do what works.



In this article we’ve looked at what AI content generators are and how they can help your business. With some considerations on the ethics of automating our website content, AI content generation can be a good way to produce more content, compete in the search results and get more traffic to your website.

Was this article written by an AI content generator or a real person? *robot noises*

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