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Canva: Free graphic design tool


With graphics programs ranging from £50 to £500 they are a fair investment and it can be tricky to create nice looking graphics without them. Canva (website) is a free online tool that has many of the same features. When blogging or posting to social media, an attractive image can catch people’s attention and convey information quickly.

Save time and money

They offer a massive selection of templates for your blog and social media images, including vector graphics and commonly used fonts. You can create great images in minutes and save yourself the cost of graphics software and employing a graphic designer. Not having to brief a designer and wait for them to complete the work also makes updating your social media or blog images much quicker. 

Matching your branding/website

If you ask your logo or web designer they will be able to tell you the fonts and colours used on your website. You can then use those in Canva to create matching images for your site.

Creating the right sized images

Canva has presets to create images at suitable sizes for the most popular social networks so they appear properly in the feeds. If you’re making images for your blog or website, ask your web designer what size images will work best for your site.

If you’re creating banners for your site, saving them out as JPG format will usually make the files smaller and quicker to download for your site visitors.

Need stock photos to use with Canva?

While there are ton of background images in Canva, you might need something more specific. You can either upload your own photos or download some free photos from to use in Canva. This free stock photography site has decent quality photos that are free for commercial use.


We’ve seen how Canva can help you save time and money and produce attractive graphics for your social media or blog posts. Check back soon for more free tools!

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