Common WordPress mistakes to avoid

Worpress is used on millions of websites around the world and has grown into a well featured content management system. However, it’s easy to make a mess with a WordPress site. Here are some common mistakes to avoid.

Using a clunky theme

There are lots of places to buy ‘premium’ themes and lots of places to get free themes. This can be a shortcut to getting a good looking site up and running quickly, but there can be drawbacks with these themes. In an attempt to make styling your site easy, some themes include lots of extra scripts, fonts and images that you don’t actually need.

This can slow your site down. With speed being a factor that search engines might take into accout when ranking your site, plus the impatience many website visitors have, speed can be the difference between a visitor and someone who presses the ‘back’ button.

Adding too many plugins

Related to the speed issues that can be caused by themes, adding lots of plugins can also slow down your site. Whether it’s social sharing button strips adding 500k  to your page just so someone can ‘like’ the page on Facebook, or gallery plugins that add code to every page even when there are no galleries on that page, plugins can slow things right down.

Plugins can also conflict with each other and cause strange behaviour on your site.

Updating without a backup

WordPress and plugins installed from the official plugin repository have auto-update functionality. This is so much easier than updating things manually, but if the WordPress core conflicts with a plugin and breaks your site, a backup is a lifesaver. Backups are usually quick and easy to do via your hosting control panel.

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