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Ecommerce Enlightenment ebook – moving from Amazon to Gumroad


I wrote a book about tackling ecommerce website projects in the right way a few years ago. This was based on conversations with clients and seeing what works and what doesn’t for small businesses trying to sell online. Doing things in the right way can save thousands of pounds and untold stress!

The chapters:

  1. Market research
  2. Planning
  3. Developing your website
  4. Marketing your website
  5. Maintaining your website

Following the conventional wisdom I uploaded it to Amazon and did the usual trick of making it free to become a best seller for a day and that worked, gaining me 5* reviews and glowing feedback. I sold one copy however and Amazon kept most of the money. Without paying Amazon to promote my book it didn’t make many sales.

ecommerce enlightenment ebook on amazon

Readers seemed to enjoy it for it’s easy to read and direct advice that covers the whole process with a top level view. It doesn’t get into specifics too much as there are countless websites out there that do that, and any specific advice is likely to be out of date pretty quickly.

“This has given me the springboard to take my business online I was looking for. It’s refreshing to find a guide that doesn’t belabour the point. Highly recommended.”

I boycott Amazon because of general marketplace abuse, tax dodging and poor worker conditions amongst other things (more at Ethical Consumer). Selling my book on their platform didn’t sit right with me so I’ve moved it to the Gumroad platform. They charge a flat 10% fee (plus payment processing fee of around 3%) with no monthly fees. I could upload a PDF and ebook version and have full control of pricing.

Ecommerce Enlightenment is a concise read that respects your time and at £9.99 is likely to save you that many, many times over.

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