eCommerce Product Images tips – Part 1

If you are running an online shop, you will spend a fair amount of time working with ecommerce product images. Time spent getting your images looking good will pay off handsomely, as they are most noticeable on your ecommerce website and can be a great selling point.

Image sources

You may be able to get a CD of images from the manufacturers of your products, or gain access to an online image library. This is preferable to lifting copyrighted images from the internet.

You may not be able to get ecommerce product images from the manufacturers, or you may produce your own products, meaning you will have to take product photographs yourself. If you are taking your own photos, here are some quick tips to improve the finished images:

  • Consumer level digital cameras can produce good results – you don’t need an expensive dSLR. Don’t expect to get great pictures off your mobile phone though!
  • Get a Lightbox – they are cheap enough off eBay or Amazon and will give a nice uniform background to your product shots
  • Use natural light whenever possible or your shots will have a yellow tinge and require colour correcting later.
  • Turn the flash off on your camera.
  • Use a tripod/stand or brace the camera to avoid blurring.
  • Use image editing software or an online photo editing tool to adjust the “levels” on the image until the background is completely white with the product isolated in the centre of the image.

Make sure your largest ecommerce product image is an appropriate size – try 800×800 pixels and see how that looks on your shop. You can ask your web designer/developer what size and shape your largest product images will be. Too big and it will look hang over the edge of some people’s screens and take ages to load, too small and it will irritate your customers. There is no point having the master image at 100×100 pixels and it not getting any bigger when people click “View larger image”!

Stay tuned for part 2 – coming soon.

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