Five basics for your website

1. Get Control

Make sure you have all the addresses, usernames and passwords for your web hosting, domain name and control panel (if applicable). Ask your web design company for a list of all these passwords. They belong to you – not them. If they wont give them to you, sack them! If the company go under or you want to move web design companies, you need these details so get them now, just in case.

2. Don’t Disappear!

Know when your domains and web hosting are due for renewal. If for some reason the company don’t bother telling you, or cannot contact you they might turn your website off and delete your files. This has happened to one of our clients who had hosting with a third party, and it caused a nightmare.

3. Sell yourself

Consider having your website content written by a professional copywriter. Having a site is only half the battle, getting people to contact you and buy your stuff is the other half. Good pricing will only get you so far – well written website content will make a massive difference to your conversion rate. It might dent your pride (it did ours..) but this a worthwhile investment.

4. Spy on your visitors

Make sure you have some kind of web analytics software installed on your site. We like Google Analytics, because it is free and works really well. Monitoring your visitors will provide a gold mine of information on your visitors and allows you to measure the impact of any changes you make to your site.

5. Sack your tables

If your website layout is made using tables and contains loads of old-school HTML code – have it re-written using CSS for layout. This simple step will instantly make your site more search engine friendly. This is one of the absolute fundamentals of having a website.

These are some absolute basics for running your site – next up is a quick and dirty guide to sorting your search engine optimisation out!

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