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Free photo editing tools


Images make your website more attractive but need to be edited before uploading – here are some free photo editing tools for online and offline use.

Pictures are a great way of keeping your website visitors interested and breaking up your text content to make it more readable. However, an photograph straight off a modern digital camera or smartphone may be too large for your website control panel to handle. Large images can take a long time to download too, so they may need resizing before being uploaded to your website. If this is the case, you will need to resize the image to the largest size required and then upload.

It is highly likely that you will want to crop images as well as resizing them for use on your website. When doing this, make sure you keep the ‘aspect ratio’ the same between the height and width or the images will stretch and look very strange.

If you are unsure of what size images to upload, please ask your web designer or download an existing image from your site to get the dimensions. If you get it right at the beginning it makes life a lot easier than having to resize and re-upload a large amount of photos. Properly sized images will make your website load faster and your visitors happier.

Free photo editing tools

If you don’t want to buy image editing software such as Photoshop Elements there are also some online tools for editing images such as:

There is also some good free image editors that you can download and install on your computer:

Optimising images

If you’re using JPG images, the quality settings can make a big difference to the final quality. We recommend saving at 80% as that’s a good balance between file size and quality. If there’s a lot of red in the image you might have to increase this slightly.

You can use http://compressjpeg.com/ to reduce the file size of existing images if you don’t have any editing software.

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