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Government Policy To Reduce Demand for Energy

From the DECC website;

“Large public and private sector organisations in the UK are sensitive to rising energy prices because energy can account for a large part of their operating costs. These sectors are also responsible for a significant proportion of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Our Carbon Plan states that if the UK is to cut its greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2050, energy efficiency will have to increase across all sectors to the extent that energy use per capita is between a fifth and a half lower than it is today.

To help achieve this, we are supporting industry, businesses and the public sector to use less energy, which will reduce the impact of rising energy prices.”

They aim to achieve this through the following:

  • CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme
  • Enhanced Capital Allowances
  • Climate Change Agreements
  • EU Emissions Trading System
  • Green Deal
  • Smart Meters
  • Combined Heat and Power
  • Electricity Demand Reduction project
  • Reducing the government’s carbon emissions
  • Interest-free loans to public sector organisations for energy efficiency improvements.
  • Guidance for local authorities and other public bodies

It’s good to see the government coordinating efforts to reduce demand for energy in business and public sector organisations.

On a separate note, this information was posted on the .GOV website which pulls lots of government departments into one mobile friendly website. This makes it a lot easier to find government related information and makes it more accessible on a variety of devices.

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