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Lessons from an established ecommerce business – part 2


In the last article we passed on some advice from the owner of a well established ecommerce business about choosing the right products to sell online. He also gave this advice on marketing your website.

Marketing your ecommerce website

The speaker uses social media for his business with two main caveats. He outsources it as he doesn’t have time or inclination to do it himself. He also doesn’t know how many actual sales result from the social updates. The updates generate a lot of activity, but people adding his products to Pinterest doesn’t necessarily increase his sales. This raised a really important point about measuring ROI on marketing methods and it’s still very much an unknown for him. He felt that social media was worth doing though in spite of these points.

A more powerful and measurable form of marketing he recommended was email newsletters. Marketing to your existing customers is a quick and the subsequent clicks and purchases can be measured so you know whether it’s working or not.

We’ve got a free marketing course in our blog with some ideas you can try, including sections on social media and email newsletters.


Choosing the right products and marketing your ecommerce site are both hard but possible with enough thought and research. If you’re planning an ecommerce website we can help with totally custom responsive design and WooCommerce or OpenCart website development. Call 01636 812551 for more info.

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