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Marketing your business online: Email newsletters


Now you’ve got people signing up to your list you can send them a regular newsletter with information about your products and services.

Make it useful and brief

Make your newsletter short and punchy, stressing the benefits or alerting them to new products or services you offer. Keep people interested in staying on your list by giving away useful information like advice or tips in each newsletter as well as the sales offers and related items.

You can recycle your blog articles or social media posts into your newsletter too, making the most of the time you spend blogging and writing your Tweets/Facebook/Google+ posts.

Email Newsletter Templates

Systems like Mailchimp also handle the templating of the email.  Making things display properly in all the email programs people use is HARD and Mailchimp have done all the painful work already. All you need to do is add a header image to match your branding, drop in your content and press send!

Analyse What Works For Your List

Make sure you have all your business info in the email so people can get in touch or click through to your website. After the emails have been delivered, have a look at your Mailchimp reports for some key information that can help you make your future newsletters more successful. Examples of good info are:

  • What time do people click on links the most?
  • What subject lines result in the most opens?
  • What country are most of your subscribers in?

Your newsletter statistics are absolute gold – detailed information about what the people on your list like to read about!


So here we have some quick tips for what to write about and how to analyse your campaign performance when you’ve sent out your email newsletters.

If you are struggling with the technical side of setting up email newsletters or don’t have time, call us on 01636 812 551 and we’ll be glad to help with your email marketing.

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