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Marketing your business online: Using Hootsuite

The Twitter web interface can be confusing and it’s too easy to miss when people mention you and reply to your Tweets. It can be time consuming logging in to Twitter, Google+ and Facebook separately and also tempting to spend too long browsing your personal feed if you log in to Facebook.


We recommend you use a free web application called Hootsuite instead. It’s free for up to five social media accounts and makes managing your social networks easier and more fun. When logged in to Hootsuite, you have a tab for each social network with ‘streams’ in each tab like home feed, replies and direct messages. As well as Twitter and Facebook profiles it can manage LinkedIn pages and profiles and Google+ pages.

Once your networks are set up, you can post to all of them at once with one click.

Scheduling posts

You can also add scheduled posts to each social network using Hootsuite. You can prepare a batch of updates once a week and schedule them to appear across the coming week or month. This reduces the time spent logging in to each network, checking feeds and getting distracted!

Having a plan

It is easy to do lots of updates one week and then get too busy with other things and miss a week, so it makes sense to have a structure for your marketing and get into the habit of checking and updating everything regularly. Having a plan also means you will limit your time on social media and get back to doing your actual work.

We will come back to developing and using monthly and yearly marketing plans later in this series.


Social media can be great for your business, but can also be time consuming. We suggest using a free web application called Hootsuite to manage your accounts from one place. Having regular time set aside and scheduling your posts reduces time and distractions while keeping things up to date.

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