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Marketing your business online: Using Twitter

If used right, social networks such as Twitter can bring new clients or customers to your business at a low cost. We have met several new web design clients via Twitter. It can however be easy to waste time or get in arguments!

Stay positive and business focused

Some people spend their time on Twitter talking about irrelevant things, alienating their target market while their businesses are struggling. If you are using a business profile use it only for business and follow relevant people. You can then say hello and chat to them about business relevant things.

To keep things relevant to your potential customers you might want to avoid talking about things that annoy you or Tweeting your latest cup of coffee! Consider a separate personal account if you want to Tweet celebs or post selfies.

Hashtags and Follow Fridays

Hashtags can be added to your Tweets so they show up on searches within Twitter, but make them relevant and specific. Teenage girls tag almost every word and #it #doesn’t #make #any #sense to use too many hashtags or make them too general.

You can also do what’s called a ‘Follow Friday’ Tweet – you will see these appear on Fridays with the hashtag #ff and they are a list of suggested people to follow.

Don’t feed the trolls

Delete and block all aggressive competitors and spammers that follow you. Don’t engage with any ‘Trolls’ looking for an online argument. Keep it lean and relevant. Setting a time limit on your Twitter activities will also make you more productive and help you focus.

What to Tweet about

A good start to your social media profile is a mixture of links back to your main website pages (or product pages), links to your new articles, re-Tweets of relevant comments from people you follow and some day to day info about what you are working on is  If you’ve got an eCommerce website, linking to each of your products and a  ‘product of the week’ will give you plenty to Tweet about.

Using a more informal voice can help people get a feel for your business and show your personality – which is attractive to many types of customer.


So to get the best results from Twitter we recommend you keep things positive, ignore the troublemakers, Tweet links back to your site and show the human side of your business in your Tweets.

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