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Marketing your business online: Your overall plan

Now we’ve gone through a number of things you can do regularly to market your business online, we will look at creating a weekly, monthly and yearly plan. With so many day to day activities to look after in your small business, a structured plan can help you keep on top of your marketing and make sure you don’t miss any opportunities.

The Weekly Plan

  • Aim for a news/blog update every week if you can
  • Tweet, and add Facebook/Google+ links to this new article
  • Link to a few relevant industry articles
  • Link to a few local news items
  • Retweet a couple of relevant Tweets
  • Find five new people to follow, can be part of ‘follow friday’ with ‘#ff’ hashtag
  • Thank your new followers
  • Follow anyone relevant who has started following you

The Monthly Plan

  • Check your Google Analytics to see what has been most popular this month
  • Write your email Newsletter
  • Create and send your newsletter campaign in Mailchimp
  • Check up on your competitors’ sites and social profiles to see what they are doing

The Yearly Plan

Your industry may be seasonal and have major events during the year. Keying your marketing to these events can be very helpful, plus there are the standard holidays and special dates throughout the year that you can feature:

  • New Year
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Easter
  • Mother’s Day
  • Father’s Day
  • Summer offer
  • Back to school
  • Halloween
  • Fireworks night
  • Christmas

As well as offers for these dates or events, you could theme your website to match each one with modified headers, backgrounds or banners.  These regularly updated parts of the site make it more eye catching and your website also looks fresh to repeat visitors.


Regular marketing is essential to your success and weekly, monthly and yearly plans can help keep on track. By using seasonal events and dates you can keep it fresh and topical to catch people’s attention.

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