Meet The New WordPress Editor: “Gutenberg”


There’s a new content editor coming in WordPress 5 called “Gutenberg” to replace the one we’ve all been using since forever. Here’s a quick overview of what Gutenberg is and why it’s going to be a good thing for your website.

Why Do We Need A New Content Editor?

It’s easy to make a mess with the standard WordPress content editor. Everything was usually done in one editor panel and floating images left and right, changing text colours and trying to add dividers can soon result in a ‘code soup’ that needs fixing with the HTML editor. As websites have become mobile friendly as standard, the content has to resize and reorganise to suit the smaller screens and the standard WordPress content editor has not made this easy.


What a mess.


We’ve been getting around this for a few years now by adding a ‘flexible template’ that helps structure your content better and make it behave better on mobile screens. Gutenberg will shortly bring this functionality into the core WordPress code.

Gutenberg – A New Way Of Managing Content


The new Gutenberg content editor


The Gutenberg content editor allows you to build up your pages using ‘blocks’. A block can be a paragraph, header, image or other type of content. By building the page using these blocks, they stay structured and can be presented in a more predictable way on the front end of your website.

Is Gutenberg Ready To Use?

Gutenberg seems pretty solid already, but it’s still an optional install as a plugin. We’ll be waiting to make sure it’s been debugged and tested well before including it on our standard website builds. Our ‘Flexible Template’ makes editing content easier for now, and we’ll be incorporating our flexible content panels into Gutenberg when the time comes.

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