Promoting your business using Pay Per Click advertising

While it’s possible to optimise your website and start to attract traffic through the search engine results pages, this can be hard work if you are in a competitive market and can also take time. A quicker way to gain traffic can be through paid advertising networks such as Google Adwords or Bing Ads.

How Pay Per Click works

Google Adwords and Bing Ads appear on the search engine results pages, often across the top and down the right hand side with a yellow ‘ad’ label. On smaller screens, adverts can take up most of the page and the normal results are off the bottom of the screen.

You bid an amount to appear nearer the top of the ads, and then pay each time someone clicks on the advert.

Persuasive adverts can increase the click through rate and often feature a strong call to action or a clear offer to encourage clicks.

Google Adwords

Google will help you set up your first campaign and also run offers for first time users where you can put £25 credit on and they give you £75 free credit. This is a great way of getting started and seeing whether Adwords could work for your business.

Google Adwords can be targeted by device type (desktop or mobile), location and time to target your perfect customers or clients.

Bing Ads

Often overlooked due to Google’s dominance of search, Bing Ads works in a similar way to Google Adwords where the adverts appear on the search results pages.

Bing Ads uses both the Bing and Yahoo search network to promote your ads.


It’s vital to install conversion tracking on your website if you use pay per click marketing, so you can see where your orders or enquiries are coming from. When you can see which keywords are resulting in sales, you can increase spend on those keywords while dropping those that don’t make you any money. Tracking is different for each site and ad network but it usually pretty straightforward to set up.

Managing your ad spend

While each network may help you set up your campaigns, you may be able to make your advertising budget go further by having your account managed by an expert. We have heard of people spending hundreds of pounds on the wrong keywords by setting up their accounts themselves – this can get expensive very quickly!

Your pay per click manager will set up your campaigns and ad groups, help set up conversion tracking on your website, keep an eye on your spend and report on progress so you can keep the enquiries or orders coming in without spending too much.  Call us on 01636 812 551 or email us for a Google Adwords or Bing Ads quote.

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