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Starting an eCommerce business – a free guide


We have been building ecommerce websites for clients for over ten years and you can benefit from the combined experience of all these online shopkeepers. Some have succeeded and some have failed, and we’ve used those experiences to produce this guide. The guide takes you through researching your products and market, planning your business, developing the actual site and then marketing and maintaining your website.

Why do ecommerce businesses fail?

The main cause of failure seems to be that a lot of people start up an ecommerce website business without a plan. While it might be tempting to skip this bit or think of it as a necessary evil just to please the bank manager, you are making a mistake to get started without knowing what you are doing and how you are going to do it.

Planning reduces risk

While it may be tempting to skip all this and “wing it”, you will be taking a massive risk with your time and money. Planning may only take a day or two and will give you a firm foundation to your new business along with a blueprint for what you need to do beforehand and once your ecommerce site is up and running.

Getting the right help

Once you start working on your plan, you will see where you might need help from a solicitor, accountant, IT consultant or web design company. Bear in mind that if you engage a web design company to design your ecommerce site, they will not provide all the other business related services described here, much as an accountant would not design your website for you!

Having a good plan means you can get a more accurate quote from a web design company, as you will have specific needs instead of asking ‘how much is a website?”


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