The rise of content marketing and social media

Effectively marketing your website in 2014 involves two key areas – content marketing and social media.

Google have made some big changes in the way they rank websites and work out how trustworthy they are in the last two years. The less reputable internet marketers and businesses are always looking for ways to exploit the search engine results and these updates were designed to reduce the chances of those manipulations working. The Google Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird updates saw traffic to some websites slashed. These changes mean marketing your website online is now more complicated than adding a few keywords to a page and building (or buying) lots of low quality links.

Content Marketing

Content marketing means using high quality, unique content to attract visitors to your site. Whether it’s ‘How to guides’ or a useful blog, content that is valuable to your customers will increase web traffic and therefore customers.  This means taking more time and effort to create good content that people want to read. Moving away from the sell, sell, sell approach, good content will build trust and give visitors something useful before making a sales pitch.

Social Media

Social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn have become a vital part of marketing your business online. While not directly affecting search engine rankings, social media can be an effective channel for potential customers to get to know your business and a great way of you keeping in touch with existing or future clients. With most networks free to set up it’s a cost effective way for your business to reach a lot of people. While free to set up, social networks need a regular investment of time to keep them updated and respond to any enquiries.

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