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What are Google Analytics and Search Console?


Potential clients often ask us what Google Analytics and Search Console are. They are free, complimentary tools offered by Google to help you improve traffic to your website from search engines.

Having a website is only the first step in online success. Whether you’re selling online or marketing your services, having a larger number of the right visitors is required to grow your sales.

Google Analytics

After installing a snippet of code to every page of your website, Google Analytics then shows you which keywords people are using to find your website, which pages they visit and how long they stay on your site. With a bit more work adding tracking code to your contact form or ‘order complete’ page you can also track enquiries and sales.

This data is pure gold as you can build up a picture of your most popular content and what leads to enquiries or sales, adjusting your website to improve this. Google Adwords also links up to Analytics so you can make sure you’re using your budget on the right keywords.

Google Search Console

Previously called ‘Webmaster Tools’, your website(s) can be added to Google Search Console and you will receive messages about any errors Google encounter while accessing your website. An idea of how many of your pages are listed by Google is also shown so you can make sure all your content is getting listed. Sitemaps can be submitted and monitored via Search Console.

Search Console also links in to your Google Analytics data and shows your search engine traffic and best incoming search keywords.

Search Console is vital in making sure Google and other search engines can read your website properly. It will alert you to any problems accessing the site, whether your pages are mobile compatible or not and if any pages are not found. You can then add redirects to resolve these missing page links, improving the visitor experience.

If you’re upgrading an existing website then these redirects are vital to keep your search engine rankings and maintain any links from other websites like directories, blogs or social media profiles leading back to your site.


Google Analytics and Search Console are essential tools to make sure your website gets listed in search engines and to track your visitor behaviour to increase sales or enquiries.

As part of our website build process we set up Google Analytics and Search Console for you, using your account so you’ve got complete control over your data. If you’re not sure whether you’ve got these tools set up, call us on 01636 812551 or contact us and we can help.

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