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What Is Green Web Hosting?

We were chatting to a potential client recently and after talking through all the aspects of the project they stopped and asked what our green web hosting actually is and why they need it.

So What Is Web Hosting?

When we build a website or set up email accounts they have to be located somewhere so everyone can access them. While it’s possible to run a site or email service from a home computer, your ‘IP address’ (internet location) can change and power can go off, preventing people from accessing it. To make your site and email accessible at all times, the website and email hosting is a powerful computer in a secure data centre that holds lots of websites and email accounts.

Example of a web hosting datacentre
Example of a web hosting datacentre

So How Can This be Green?

As you can imagine, these data centres that run thousands of websites use a lot of power to run the computers and keep them cool. To make websites more eco-friendly, our green web hosting uses 100% green sourced power rather than fossil fuels.

This is a quick and easy way to be more eco friendly and show your customers that you care about the environment. It costs around the same as non-green web hosting, so there’s no reason to not choose the eco-friendly option.

Additional Benefits Of Our Hosting

As well as being eco, our hosting is fast and UK based. Many hosting companies are still charging for ‘SSL certificates’ that secure your site show your visitors the green padlock in the address bar – our hosting includes SSL certificates for free. WordPress and other website software runs great too and can be set up easily using the built-in installer.

For the more technically inclined, you get full cPanel access to your hosting account that lets you easily update your email accounts, choose your PHP version and work with files easily.

Ready To Go Green?

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