WordPress website development

Many years ago, WordPress started off as software designed to run a blog. With recent changes it has now become one of the most popular systems for running small business websites. Regular updates and lots of free and cheap themes and plugins WordPress can be a great option for many websites.

With clients now asking for WordPress by name on many builds, we have got to know WordPress inside out. By using a fast, mobile friendly theme and well established plugins that we know work together, we can build all kinds of small business websites.

Our lightweight WordPress theme

It’s easy to make a mess of a WordPress site by installing a heavy, slow loading theme and then adding lots of random plugins. Rather than use ready any made themes, we have created our own lightweight, mobile responsive theme that forms the basis of many of our client websites. By keeping things light and fast loading, we avoid the bloat that can damage the user experience and even put Google off ranking your site well.

This also makes your site unique and fits your branding exactly. There’s no need to include thousands of options to suit all sites – we add just the code required for your site to keep things running as fast as possible.

Green web hosting for WordPress sites

As well as the fast, mobile friendly theme we use, all our WordPress websites run on our UK based green web hosting. This is completely powered by renewable energy from Ecotricity, not carbon offsetting or other pretend green things. WordPress works really well on our web hosting without any configuration issues.

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