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WordPress website maintenance services


WordPress is an excellent solution to run your website and enable you to edit all your own content yourself. Keep things running smoothly with our WordPress website maintenance services.

Why update your WordPress website?

While it’s easy to setup a WordPress site, it will need to be looked after with regular software updates to avoid the site getting compromised by hackers. As technologies change and bugs are discovered, WordPress is constantly updated with new features and security fixes. If hackers gain control of your site they may redirect it to their own site, deface your pages or even insert advertising into your website. All of these things can damage your business reputation and even your search engine traffic.

How do WordPress updates work?

WordPress updates look deceptively easy – an alert is shown in your control panel when updates are available for your WordPress version, plugins or themes. Pressing the ‘UPDATE’ button takes seconds but the consequences can be unpredictable. Conflicts can occur between the core WordPress software, your plugins and your themes and in the worst case, take your site offline.

How our WordPress maintenance service works

To avoid any disruption, we create and download a backup of your site before doing any updates. We then carefully update everything, checking at each stage that nothing has gone wrong. We then test any forms and other features like shopping carts to make sure you won’t lose any enquiries or sales due to new bugs.

If your site gets high traffic we can even copy the site to a development area to test all the updates before updating the live site.

We use WordPress day in day out, so are familiar with common update problems. We can contact theme or plugin authors on your behalf if there are any problems, providing the right technical information to get quicker solutions.

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