WordPress 5 is out and includes the new Gutenberg editor


December has brought the release of version 5 of WordPress, with bug fixes and new features including one huge one: The new “Gutenberg” editor. We’ve talked about this new editor in a previous post. Now it’s here, should you upgrade?

Short answer: Not just yet.

Longer answer…

The new editor is likely to cause issues with your existing content, which might need moving over to the new style ‘panels’ for best results. Depending on the size of your site, this might not be a quick task. It’s definitely worth moving towards this block based content as it can make the responsive versions of your site much cleaner. We’ve been using ‘blocks’ for a while now and will be merging these into Gutenberg if it’s easier to work with.

Conflicts with other plugins

If you’re running any kind of page builder or WooCommerce then that may conflict and need some updates too.  The more plugins you are running the more chance there is that something won’t work properly.

Upgrading best practices

As with any WordPress update, it can be best to try things out on a test site before pressing that tempting blue UPGRADE button. A backup of your site files and database is essential too.

When will we be upgrading sites?

We’re testing our usual list of plugins and our theme technology out with WordPress 5 and Gutenberg on our own sites now, and should be able to upgrade client sites with more confidence in January.

Need some help?

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